Youth forms a large chunk of India’s population, with the majority being students (school-level, undergraduate-level, postgraduate-level, doctorate-level). Clearly, this means that the education sector is one of the biggest sectors in our country. India has a student population of 315 million, which is the highest in the world. But with the cost of education increasing tremendously, many capable students often fail to fulfil their dream for higher studies.

The government does its best to provide support to such deserving students in the form of various scholarships and incentives. The need for scholarships is critical for such a huge student pool. There are a number of scholarships available to students at different levels. The problem comes in finding all these scholarships. Students miss out on many beneficial schemes owing to a communication gap between scholarship providers and seekers. This is when the scholarship portals come into play.

The scholarship networks minimise this communication gap. Among a huge number of scholarship portals, Buddy4Study stands apart as India’s largest scholarship platform. It helps create awareness among students regarding numerous scholarships offered by the government, NGOs and corporate.

Buddy4Study aims to make education affordable and bring scholarship providers and seekers on a single platform. Resting on its robust scholarship search engine, B4S helps more than 1 million students. It provides easy access to scholarships with end-to-end application support to seekers and end-to-end management and monitoring of scholarship programs to providers.

Advantages offered

B4S makes the process of selecting a scholarship extremely simple. With an appealing and interactive user interface, the right scholarship is always just a few clicks away. Other advantages offered by B4S scholarship portal are:

  • Scholarships are curated based on different criteria like means-based scholarship, merit-based scholarship, school scholarship, minority scholarship, international scholarship etc.
  • B4S helps in form filling and provides application support.
  • It provides customised email and SMS alerts for matching scholarships.
  • Various filters like state, class, region, award, country, religion, deadline etc. can be applied to search for desired scholarships.
  • Applying for premium membership offers additional services like expert support, priority support service, SMS/Email alerts, profile highlight etc.
  • There is one-time registration of students.
  • The portal is able to suggest scholarships itself depending on the eligibility criteria.
  • It is a single integrated platform for information on all scholarships.

Buddy4Study hosts the largest network of scholarships that are available to Indians students. Since the day it was formed, the platform has only made continuous progressive strides disbursing about. INR 50 crores worth of scholarships to more than 50000 Indian students.