Wedding is a memorable moment that stays with you your entire life. You will enjoy this moment every year on your anniversary with the same enthusiasm that you had on your wedding reception. Let’s not forget about your guests who would also be equally thrilled as you are. You want the whole thing to be perfect on your wedding from flower decoration to thank you gift. However, the most essential part to focus on are caterers for the event.

Wedding catering is a tough job because you need good food in a large quantity. There will be many guests who will find an opportunity to criticize your food. Hence, you should be sure that the catering service you hired is not just good but excellent.

Every wedding reception has a theme and your venue and menu is decided accordingly. There are different types of reception whether it is morning, noon or evening, that are organized and briefing on it will help you organize your menu –

  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Cocktail
  • Dinner


Brunch happens when your wedding is early morning and reception is before noon. This way you don’t get time to have breakfast and your lunch will not be on time. The best decision is to create food stations where your guests can get omelet, salads, juices, smoked beef, salmon or turkey for food. This not only saves you money, but also prohibits drinks early morning. However, guests who stay far away might not be happy because after eating this they have to travel long.


Lunch is properly arranged menu where people sit down and eat nicely. However, during summer, people can’t eat much and drink a lot, but still you’ll have to keep appetizers, salads, entrée and dessert. Ensure most things aren’t rich and spicy during summer and in winter everything served should be hot. Venues at afternoon are less expensive.


This is an excellent way to mix your friends and family for a small party with drinks in the evening. Such arrangements look stylish and elegant. You have more appetizers in comparison to meal. People sit down and relax and enjoy music with drinks. It is a buffet that has endless options of appetizers. However, it can be an expensive affair because people drink more and more in such gatherings.


This is the best way to end your day with a graceful dinner and proper seating arrangements. After a long hectic day, you finally get a chance to raise the toast and say your thankyou speech. Since it is night time, people prefer to have supper and call the day off with a small drink. This arrangement is a bit expensive because the number of menu items increases.

As mentioned above check your estimate and then decide your menu with the caterer.