There was a lot of good action in college football over the weekend. While some teams (like Alabama) got to expand their winning streaks, others were condemned to even more losses (think Mississippi).

This is the time when everyone has to give their all in the fight for the ultimate prize. With just two weeks of regular action left, you should prepare for electrifying performances from all around the table.

To ensure you never miss any one of these games, here is a simple piece of workaround that you can keep for as long as you want to enjoy some college football action. Before that…

Common Viewing Problems

One of the most common problems facing US viewers comes on the back of cable TV subscription – or lack of it. To be candid, cable TV can put a huge dent on finances, and that does not seem to be improving anytime soon.

Many have decided to keep theirs running just so they can get access to games like this, constituting a very costly convenience.

Even with cable TV, that does not stop you from facing content blackouts and restrictions from time to time. This is especially common during big games or when the sports teams haven’t been able to sell as much tickets as they had hoped to.

In short, the viewers are being punished for the organizers’ failure to meet a set goal. This is surely not welcoming at all.

We should also take into consideration those that are travelling outside the US at the time of the games. Geoblocks will come into play at this time, preventing them from getting access to what’s happening at all.

This particular problem does not affect travelling US residents only. It goes as far as impacting non-US residents who simply have an interest in the game.

All of this shape up to leave a bad taste in the mouth of a diverse range of users from different backgrounds. But then, they can soon become a thing of the past.

Thinking out of the box

At this stage, you already know things are not going to change anytime soon. There is even the chance that you had considered different solutions in the past with none of them working or lasting long enough.

Taking all of that into consideration, we have come up with a better solution that stands the test of time.

By simply using a VPN to stream NCAA football content, you wouldn’t have to bend to any of the problems above. That means being able to stream all the games you want without being held back by cable TV subscription. Since you are not feeding off cable TV content, that also means you don’t experience those unnerving blackouts anymore.

There is good news for those outside the US too. A VPN allows you change your IP address to match that of another location, meaning you can always stream the games like you were physically present in the US market. To do so:

  • Buy a VPN subscription from a reputable company
  • Choose a preferred server location in the US (this will show up as your IP address – a pseudo-location)
  • Choose from any of the popular viewing platforms out there (PlayStation Vue, SlingTV, YouTube TV and the likes)
  • Get a preferred streaming plan that allows you access to college football and
  • you’re good to go!

That’s it. Just those five steps as you have seen above.

Wrap Up

You no longer need to succumb to what the network or your location dictates. You should be able to enjoy the college football games as you want – and that is what this piece has given you.

How about you start following your favorite team right away to see how they will hold up against the rest?