When you are planning a gathering at your home, it can be a lot of fun to plan the menu. When you get started, however, you often discover that many people have different tastes. As you look through the guest list, you may be planning a special food item for each person, based on your knowledge of what they like to eat. This can become time consuming and expensive. Dessert and coffee are standard items to enjoy while socialising after a meal. You may want to offer a unique flavour of coffee yet have a concern over some people’s dislike of it. A coffee maker with individual coffee pods can save the day. You can find pods that make a variety of beverages.


You can easily order coffee pods online. There is sure to be something to please everyone at your gathering. You can order a certain flavour in bulk or opt for a package with different flavours to choose from. A hazelnut blend may make some guests happy, while others prefer a mocha infused cup of coffee. Be sure to provide options for your decaf drinking guests, as well. From light roast to espresso, you can find the perfect combination of coffee pods to make everyone happy.


There also may be some people at your party that do not drink coffee at all. You can order pods that make tea. This helps to avoid the mess of having both a coffee pot and tea pot going. You only must have one appliance ready for everyone to use. Tea is available in many flavours, just like coffee. You can choose a classic such as earl grey or herbal teas such as chamomile and lavender. Fruit flavoured teas are also popular. A relaxing cup of tea can put guests at ease.


Depending on the season, a hot cup of cocoa can also be a great addition to a family gathering. A winter birthday or holiday party is the perfect occasion for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. You can get pods to make this, as well. You can set up a bar with marshmallows and crushed peppermint for the cocoa. Include flavoured creamers and sugar for the coffee and tea. Kids at the party may especially appreciate the addition of a hot drink that they can enjoy, too. Hot chocolate is a favourite among the younger crowd.

It is much simpler to use coffee pods daily, as well as at a group gathering. When you have multiple guests, this allows you to offer a better variety of beverages. This option also keeps you from running out of coffee after dinner. A pot of coffee can go fast when you have a large group or when people have more than one cup. Take the time to order a few different items to appease everyone at the party.