Contemporary, stunning, and value-engineered: this is the Lyric line of contemporary fireplaces. When seeking the most appealing modern fireplaces Toronto Canada has to offer, at accessible price points, builders and interior design firms now look to Lyric. The new line expands Ortal’s best-in-class gas fireplace offerings. With a Lyric fireplace, enjoy the best elements of gas fireplaces today’s market provides.

The Lyric Fireplace Line Offers Showstopping Design Options

Consisting of leading-edge manufacturing and finishes, the Lyric fireplace is an outstanding choice for a new home or renovation project. The line meets modern builders’ codes, and safely complements any wall material—fabric or wood included.

Whether it’s a front-facing fireplace you envision, or a peninsula, whether it’s a three-sided, see-through, or corner fireplace you desire, or whether you’d prefer a stand-alone hearth, Lyric will fit your design scheme without breaking your budget.

With the Lyric line, long-awaited flexibility is here.

Cool Walls Are the Ultimate Contemporary Style

Ortal leads the market in cool wall technology. The Lyric line adopts this feature, which directs the fire’s heat into the cavity, leaving the wall cool.

This exciting feature allows a business owner or homeowner full freedom to place sensitive valuables, décor, or audio-visual electronics over the fireplace, enhancing the contemporary style of the installations. Gone are decorating obstacles. Lyric fireplaces need no space buffers. The shallow, slim-fit design and the power vent construction makes the Lyric an option for upstairs rooms, apartments, and other spaces that once were off-limits to fireplaces.

Always, the beauty of natural fire is paramount. Avoiding the artificial look of the ribbon flame style, Ortal’s Lyric includes a 4-inch deep burner for a true flame appearance.

Green Design Meets Spectacular Performance

Ortal’s Lyric maximizes radiant heat. The line offers electronic ignition, so there’s no continuous pilot.

The models have outstanding efficiency ratings of 75-81%, and advanced sealing keeps cold air from entering the home’s interior through the fireplace. Ortal’s Lyric models achieve real greatness by reclaiming heat from the vent pipe and chase to warm the interior space, and the burner design provides the most efficient possible gas use.

A micromesh screen, snugly tucked into the frame, ensures maximum safety. This easily removable heat screen makes maintenance and cleaning straightforward.

About Ortal, Maker of the Lyric Line

Ortal is the world’s leading purveyor of high-end gas fireplaces. Its exclusive technologies meet the highest expectations of architects, builders, and the people who love the warmth and beauty a fireplace brings to interior space. Ortal has unveiled its Lyric line to bring elegance into the market at an accessible price.

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