AMG branded cars are specially designed to offer superior handling, speed, power, and performance. AMG is a synonym for high performance vehicles. It is the surname of two automotive engineer’s names Aufrecht {A} and Melcher {M}. The ‘G’ is birth town of Aufretcht named Großaspach.

What sets AMG apart from regular Mercedes?

AMG Mercedes is set apart by the power unit placed under the bonnet. Four different engines are used to make Mercedes models range from giving the feel of ease to offering staggering quick sensation but in a normal way. The AMG 65, 63, 45, and 43 units provide remarkable outputs of over 300bhp to staggering 621bhp.

Besides different engine lineup, you get to see dynamic AMG models because of the enhanced setup elements derived from car racing like adaptive sports suspension and limited-slip differential. You can even see subtle changes in the car body looks, rear wings, flared wheel arches, and large alloys. All the Mercedes models are available with 4-MATIC drive system.

Mercedes AMG represents high performance, precision, and efficiency. Each AMG model is a delight to drive because of its outstanding performance and offers finest quality to small details. Goal behind each Mercedes AMG model is to escort the market with respect to performance, fuel consumption, and emission.

No doubt, Mercedes AMG has acknowledged numerous accolades in respect to fuel efficiency and power. Buyers get an array of AMG models for selection ranging from sedans, coupes, and SUVs.

Some best Mercedes AMG models

A 45

It is quick, agile, and still very practical.

C 43 Saloon

It has the slightest powerful AMG engine but is a great cruising machine because when needed it is a little bruiser.

E 63 S Saloon

Currently, the best petrol engine car offering amazing comfort but the moment you engage it in drift mode on an empty track, the car is absolute riot. You will feel like there is a caged thundercloud below the bonnet.

CLS 63 Shooting Brake

Excellent body shape with 4.0L dual turbo V8 engine offers an extra oomph for a comfortable ride with superb performance.

GLC 43

Mercedes GLC 43 is the best-looking SUV equipped with 3.0L V6 engine that offers logical level-headed performance.

G 63

G 63 comes loaded with bucketful of power and works superb on rough terrains. It is one of the best off-road models.

S 65 Coupe

S class range defines comfort, style, and elegance. In many ways it is a creative work that cruises beautifully.

SL 63

Mercedes SL 63 convertible gets AMG treatment for a purpose. It is the best-looking model with massive power and performance. The roof can be taken down and you can enjoy the scenery moving, whenever you desire.