Prepare and make preparations with an adrenaline-filled, multi-level adventure in masterdom each and every Primary Event location. It’s like walking in to a virtual 3D gaming. When you opt for the foggy, black-light course there’s danger around every corner, so you’ll need all your senses and quick reactions.

In Laser Tag you’ll compete against another team through glowing support beams, arches and passageways in the black light, fog-filled, heart-pounding, music-filled adventure. Your gear includes a light-sensitive vest along with your laser weapon. Zap someone within the other team, and they are out. Get zapped by another team, along with your vest will indicate that you are out. But that’s not gonna happen, right? Either in situation, last team standing wins the round.

Form Groups: Laser Tag is a powerful way to build cooperating and morale for organizations of all including companies, clubs and non-profits.

PLAY SOLO: Don’t have sufficient for just about any team? Donrrrt worry about it. Ask a principal Event Team Member about joining in and you’ll be used on an organization.

Take Note: All players ought to be no less than 48 inches tall to see the laser tag game.

Get Yourself A FUNCARD: Our re-loadable FUNcards are wonderful at any Primary Event spot for food, drinks … and Laser Tag. They work like cash for games, food, drinks and activities.

BOOK A Meeting: We’ve got an enjoyable experience options to be able to make your perfect event, from kids’ kids birthday parties to function occasions and adult celebrations. Many packages include FUNcards ideal for Laser Tag and game have fun playing the Games Gallery.

Planning a corporate event can be tricky, but if you want your team members to have fun, consider including laser tag in the mix. The game can be organized easily, and there are planners, who can also offer other games.