Water purification systems have become a mandatory addition to every household as there is an increasing level of water contamination. There is a dearth of naturally occurring clean drinking water. Among the several types of water purifier for home available in the market, RO water purifier is the best for purifying municipal water. When it comes to RO water purifiers in India, KENT is undoubtedly the leader. KENT Wonder+ is one of the best RO purifiers with patented Mineral RO technology for purifying municipal water.

KENT Wonder+ is the best type of water purifier for home that comes with a double purification technology of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. It removes the dissolved contaminants and purifies water by eliminating virus, arsenic, bacteria and others harmful solvents.

KENT Wonder+ Salient Features

This water purifier features a transparent body giving a full view of KENT’S patented Mineral RO technology and an inbuilt TDS controller. Here’s an insight into more of its features:

  • Automated Operation– KENT Wonder+ comes with a microprocessor to perform controlled operations. It shuts off automatically when the tank is full and restarts when the water level drops below the “maximum level”. It also ensures that no water is rejected when the tank is full.
  • Auto Flushing System– This auto flushing system prevents the fouling of the RO membrane by rapid rinsing, which flushes away the impurities and keeps it clean. It ideally improves the RO membrane’s efficiency and lowers the rejected water outflow.
  • UV Fail Alarm – This water purifier has a built-in audio alarm to alert in case the UV lamp malfunctions.
  • Filter Change Alarm– This audio alarm alerts the user whenever there is a need to change the filter.
  • RO Water Reject Storage Tank (Additional Purchase): This water storage tank helps in conserving the rejected water. It can be installed above the sink and used for washing utensils, mopping the floor or other household chores that require water.
  • Certifications by World-Renowned Laboratories: This water purifier is certified and tested by like WQA and NSF.


The specifications of KENT Wonder+ are as follows:

  • It can purify 20 litres of water per hour.
  • The body is built of high-grade plastic.
  • The filter cartridges include sediment, carbon black filter, UF, and post carbon filters.
  • It weights around 9 kg.
  • It has a storage capacity of 8 Litres, suitable for a large family.
  • It can purify up to 100 litres in a day.
  • Its total power consumption is about 60 watts.

How to Best Use It?

KENT Wonder+ can be installed on the kitchen countertop or you can mount it on wall as per preference. If you get water from a borewell, it is recommended to install a KENT pre-filter to remove the heavy sediments. However, if the water at your home comes from a municipal supply, you can omit this installation. The installation is provided for free of cost with the purchase of KENT Wonder+ water purifier.

Why Is It Better Than Other Water Purifiers?

KENT Wonder+ is one of the best-selling water purifiers as it uses patented Mineral RO technology for the purification process.  The TDS controller lets you adjust the TDS level in water as per the requirements. This RO water purifier for home has great aftersales service with a wide network of service centres spread across India.


Maintaining good water hygiene at home is very crucial for the long-term wellbeing of the entire family. Hence, trust only the world’s top qualified water purifiers. KENT Wonder+ is no doubt one of the top choices trusted by millions of people.