Texas is known for many things – the weather is being one of them. You may have installed the best windows, but the experts of J P Hobbs, Inc believe that window solutions are incomplete without Round Rock TX solar screens. The company, which has been dealing in window screens and outdoor shades since 2006, has been vocal as why residential customers need to bother about solar screens. Below is a quick overview of what J P Hobbs, Inc can do for your home.

Why install solar screens at home?

J P Hobbs, Inc claims that solar screens can considerably improve insulation and efficiency of HVAC systems. As the name suggests, the purpose of a solar screen is to block sun rays from penetrating through the windows. This, in turn, reduces the heating inside the home and prevents windows from heating up. With reduced transfer of heat, the cooling system doesn’t have to work at its peak, which further ensures energy savings. To make things simple for homeowners, J P Hobbs, Inc offers all the assistance that clients require, suggesting solutions that may work best for their home.

What to expect from solar screens installed by the company?

J P Hobbs, Inc manufacturers the best quality solar screens with long-lasting PVC coated exterior fabric, which is made of super-durable polyester yarns. With “Made in USA solar screen material”, you won’t have to bother about performance anymore. In fact, the company has ensured and tested the products for withstanding the Texas sun. J P Hobbs, Inc also assures that their solar screens are resistant to pets and hail. You have the choice of 80% and 90% fabric, both being equally efficient and can be selected as per the window placement and expected sunlight. Also, you can have considerable view of the exteriors, while avoiding concerns related to privacy inside the house. The company is quick with response and will send in their experts when you need Georgetown solar screens for your home.

Get the best deals and combo offers

In addition to solar screens, you can also consult them for patio shades and porch blinds. The company can offer additional offers on selected products, provided you place an order for patio shades and window screens together. They have varied finishes and materials, as well, and the fabric used for both produces is the same, which ensures an identical match. You can also work around with finishes as required to match the interiors of your home.

J P Hobbs also offers monthly coupons and codes, which can further ensure discounts on outdoor patio shades and solar screens. You can check their charts and calculators on their website, which gives a clear idea of the estimate. The company will also offer an estimate in advance, so you don’t have to bother about hidden costs. With solar screens for the windows, your home will feel cooler and you don’t need to spend huge for running the HVAC system at its peak. Check their website for details.