Whenever an employee announces a new drug test, people who do or do not take drugs start shivering. The truth is, you have nothing to worry about if you’re not a drug user. You also have nothing to worry about if you took some drugs a long time ago. Read more about work-related drug tests here.

Basically, the follicle test as it is popularly known traces of drug substances in our system for the past 90 days. That means you have nothing to worry about if you didn’t do drugs in the past quarter of the year.

However, those who did will have to work on them. Certain solutions can help in washing off the substances built-up in our hair. Are they all safe? No! Is there a safe solution? Yes!

If you want to know all about this issue, read on and find out about every detail!

Use the right shampoo

There’s only one safe solution that won’t damage your hair and will keep you away from harm. The healthy solution is called Aloe Rid Old Formula. This product is made especially for the needs of people who want to make detoxification.

This is widely used by people who are not even drug users. It is an excellent product that keeps our body healthy and our hair toxin-free. The substances used inside are not harmful in any way and that’s why so many people love using this one even if they are not trying to get rid of any narcotic presence.

What are the main ingredients inside?

It is made from all the ingredients a standard daily shampoo is made of. We all use a wide variety of solutions that are harmless to us. So is this one. The only add on which makes the whole difference is a chemical substance called propylene glycol.

This ingredient is important because it can treat the hair in a way that no other solution can. What it does is skim the layers one by one until it reaches the inside where the drug particles are located. When this is done, it’s easy for the water to wash off the build-up toxins and make your hair free from toxins again. More details about it are available on this link: http://www.weednews.co/how-to-pass-a-hair-follicle-drug-test-for-weed-and-other-substances.

Don’t trust the fast-working solutions

You’ll read about many other similar solutions online that are simply not working. Those claiming that they can get you a pass on the examination day are lying.

Their main marketing method is to explain that their product creates a time window frame during which the practitioners are unable to detect the presence of the narcotics.

However, a simple reading of the reviews and comment on their previous clients will explain why this idea is not the best one. So many people claim that these kinds of products didn’t help them. The real problem is that people trusted them and got failed. Don’t let this happen to you too.

Learn about the Macujo method

One of the best ideas when it comes to fast solving the problem and making sure you’re going to pass the work drug test is trying the famous macujo method. It is one of the few methods invented by people who were also struggling with problems of this kind.

The macujo method is a mix of formulas that are somehow helping in getting negative results on the examination day. The most important issues regarding it is stopping with any drug use during the period of detoxification and following the instructions up to details.

To do it, you’ll need 4 different ingredients – the Aloe Rid shampoo we mentioned which is the most important ingredient. Then, Tide detergent, vinegar, and the pink Clean and Clear solution which is a skincare product.

All of them have an exact time and way of adding to your head. First, you should use the vinegar that must be rubbed on the scalp. The role of the vinegar is to relax the skin on the head and open the pores. It should be done together with the Clean and Clear which also treats the skin and is completely safe for use. Learn more about the good effects of vinegar on the link: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-proven-health-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar

Once you do this, you should live everything as it is for 30 minutes. The scalp will get soft and relaxed. After half an hour, wash the whole thing with the shampoo. Make sure everything goes out and you have nothing on your head. Finish the process with the Tide detergent. Use it as you use a regular shampoo.

Things not to do

So many people shave before the test. This is wrong on so many levels. Never do this because your employer will understand what you’re doing right away and you’ll fail the test before you even get in the room where it is done.

Also, shaving your head won’t stop the lab practitioners to get a sample from you. They can use any hair that they’ll find on your body. It doesn’t have to be on your head. If you shave the whole body, it will just be too obvious, right?

Another important thing you need to take in consideration is using products that won’t work. Before you get into something and buy a product that claims to clean you from drugs, you have to read some reviews online and see what other people that used it before think about it.

You’ll see that there are so many frauds and so many people making money out of your misery. Don’t waste money on something that will make you get fired. It’s better to spend more on something that’s a sure pass than spend a little on a certain fail.


The clear answer to the question written in the title is – Yes. It’s safe. If you use the proper ingredients it is completely safe. However, you have to mind the details. Sometimes people get tricked into buying something that’s not safe even though the seller claims the opposite. Be careful and buy only solutions that are proven to work.