Protective Case foam inserts are widely viewed as one of the best materials for shipping or travelling with fragile goods. We’ve all purchased goods that are on the costly side, and nothing can be more daunting than having to travel with them using containers that don’t offer enough protection.

Being in transit is always dangerous for fragile goods, especially expensive hardware such as cameras, computers, speakers, musical instruments etc, so it’s always worth investing in quality carrying cases to protect your valuable goods.

Hard cases that use foam inserts are typically viewed as one of the best containers on the market for protecting equipment. Strong, secure, and offering plenty of protection, these containers are well worth the price when it comes to keeping your goods well-protected.

Let’s take a closer look at how foam inserts offer your goods the protection it needs:

Impact Protection

If you’re travelling with a container, chances are it’s going to be banging around off various surfaces, especially when removing from vehicles. When shipping goods, the type of impacts are more significant due to the nature of how goods are handled during transit, which is why its common for goods to be damaged when they’re shipped long distances.

Foam inserts for protective cases offer arguably the best protection from impact damage, completely covering the object to ensure that no damage is suffered when being shipped or transported. This means a foam insert should keep an object safe and secure even if the container where to be dropped or collide with another object.

Made to Fit

One of the main reasons foam inserts are so effective at protecting goods in containers is that they are made to fit. Foam is easy to cut and customise, allowing manufacturers to make foam inserts with the perfect dimensions to encapsulate the object.

The result is the best fitting packaging protecting you could hope to find. It’s far superior to other materials such as bubble wrap or foam peanuts, as these are impossible to customise to the exact dimensions of a product, unlike foam inserts.

Built to Last

Foam inserts are generally much more durable than other forms of packaging. The foam itself is very flexible, meaning it can handle being taken in and out of a protective case without cracking or chipping, which tends to occur with polystyrene.

This means the foam is strong and will avoid becoming damaged itself. It can handle lots of impacts and being handled, which means it’s less likely to be damaged during transit like with other materials. Being a durable form of protective packaging helps to protect your goods like nothing else!