In this installment in our guide to A holiday in greece we glance at fundamental Greek tourist information

A holiday in greece offers an array of encounters, landscapes and activities. It is known for its natural splendor, historic sites and nightlife, not to mention because of its reliably sunny summers and also the many beautiful beaches on its islands and shoreline, which stretches across the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas.

These functions get more than 15 million visitors every year, causeing this to be southern European country among the world’s top 20 tourist destinations. While 90% of their vacationers originate from other Countries in europe, in the past few years there has been growing figures of holiday makers using their company areas of the world too.

Typically the most popular destinations range from the capital, Athens, and also the islands, especially The island, Rhodes and Corfu. Some areas are extremely tourist orientated, but people seeking a quieter experience can continue to find places free of mass tourism.

Almost all of travelers arrive in the summer several weeks – April through October, using the season’s peak being This summer and August. Outdoors this era, the majority of the Greek tourist infrastructure, particularly around the islands, slips into hibernation.

While Athens and Thessaloníki handle most scheduled worldwide flights, during tourism season charter and occasional-budget flights from a variety of European cities arrive daily at many islands and smaller sized landmass cities.

Travelers require a valid passport to enter A holiday in greece. Citizens of EU countries do not require a visa, citizens of some non-EU countries (such as the U . s . States, Canada, New zealand and australia) are allowed to stay for up to 3 months visa-free, but citizens of other non-EU countries need to get yourself a visa.

The nation’s rates of thievery and violence against readers are relatively low and travelers are neither needed nor advised to have immunization vaccinations prior to entering A holiday in greece.