UrbanClap is a recognized growing startup in India that provides a mobile marketplace for local services. It is the biggest platform that provides innumerable services to its customers, catering to their needs at their doorstep. Their services range from housekeeping, plumbing, architecture or interior decoration to beauty and health care, massage therapies and tutoring. When it comes to massages in Hyderabad, UrbanClap emphasizes on their services to be more accessible and hires only the best professionals who their customers can entrust upon. And UrbanClap understands that with the fast-paced nature of urban dwellers and professionals.

At UrbanClap, you can get the best massages in Hyderabad at home at affordable rates and through trained therapists. Hence if you’re looking for a guaranteed relaxing massage session, put your faith in UrbanClap and stay assured that you will only get the best service here.

  • I had hired a massage therapist through UrbanClap a couple of weeks ago and he promptly showed up on  my doorstep on the day that I had booked him for. My doorbell rang and I saw a man with a huge bed and an even bigger smile. He greeted me and I invited him in. he told me to go get ready while he set up his equipment. He did this very quickly and was done before I was. He then gave me a robe to wear which was in a perfectly sealed packet and looked fresh. He knew exactly what he was doing and was clearly a very trained professional. He had set up the soothing music and scented candles to make me feel even more relaxed. He did not make me feel awkward at all either. He applied just the right amount of pressure and used the oils at the right temperatures to send me into a deep relaxed state. He used a combination of the perfect amount of pressure and technique and I would not think for even a second before hiring him again. The rates were affordable and definitely worth the experience that he gave me.

  • After I had a wonderful experience with this massage therapist, I decided that I would gift my friend a massage session through UrbanClap for his birthday. I prayed hard that he would get a therapist as good as mine was. And I was glad to hear that he was just as good. He too provided massages in Hyderabad. All of the professionals hired with a bed of their own. He asked my friend to change into the robe that again was in a sealed packet and looked like it was new. He set up his equipment and began the massage that lasted for about an hour. He also ensured that he kept asking my friend whether the pressure was okay and if the oils were at the right temperature. He was very polite, professional and trained in his techniques as was visible throughout the duration of the massage.  I could not help but give him a 5 star rating on UrbanClap and my friend got the best birthday gift he had ever received!

I would recommend massages for men through UrbanClap as the best way to reduce your stress and improve your lifestyle. If you want to take one step closer towards living the best life you can then contact any of the above spas and enjoy a relaxing therapeutic session with the best amenities and therapists.