With so many piano VST (virtual studio technology) options on the market, determining which one will suit your needs can be a challenge. Each of them claims to be the best and provide realistic piano sounds. However, not every piano VST plug-in is going to give you similar results. It’s necessary for you to think about the features of each one and weigh different options before you decide which one to purchase. Choosing to own piano VST over a digital piano can be a good choice because it’s a cheaper option and you don’t have to worry about extra equipment when you need to travel or move.

Factors to Consider

There are four factors to consider when searching for this technology: type, customizability, compatibility, and price.

There are two types of plug-ins: sample based and modeled. A sample-based plug-in has prerecorded sound samples from an acoustic piano. All 88 keys are recorded different times in many ways, so there are plenty of options for musicians to use and combine to create their own music. Since pianos are acoustic instruments, there are many factors at play, which is why the more variations of real sounds that record the more realistic sounding the result will be. It can be difficult to model all the sounds in software. A modeled type is just piano software that produces a sound similar to an original acoustic instrument.

Determining the customizability needed will depend on what you are looking for. Do you just want the basics covered, or do you want added features that help you create more original sounds? If you are looking to create more high-quality sounds, you may want to go with a sample based VST. However, if you are just looking to get some practice and want to go with a cheaper option, then a modeled type VST could be the right choice.

Take into account the software you are using and are comfortable with. You don’t want software that is only compatible with Mac when you know that won’t work with your system. If you are already comfortable in using a certain type of system, there is no need to purchase equipment that requires you to learn an entirely new system.

Your budget is important. There are a number of options at every price point that offer great sounds. Some of them are free, but the ones you have to pay for do offer more professional sounds. Finding one that suits your budget will allow you to create music without having to worry about going into too much debt.