Like most students studying in the United States (美国留学), I just wanted to use the OPT to work in the United States after I graduated. After I received lots of rejections, I start to sum up some experiences for future students to prepare for a job hunting in the US (美国找工作)

  1. Don’t be so picky

Remember, the Chinese have no advantage in the United States and there is no advantage at all! What we need to do is apply for all the work we can do it.

  1. Follow up

 Be sure to pay attention to follow up. The so-called follow up is that you should not finish the application after submitting your resume and job search. If you have the phone number of the person who collects the resume, you must call it after 2 days of delivery. Or send an email to ask. Still put to a point: Americans need to be interested in this job, passionate, eager people, so all your actions must be consistent throughout the recruitment as a recruiting unit. 3.      Use Career Center  Always consult the person of the career service for advice and improvement. This is very important because they are professional. The purpose of their existence is to let you find a job or an internship as soon as possible, so their attitudes are generally good and responsive. Your resume and cover letter must be taught before they are issued, especially when the initial application is insufficient.  4.      InterviewLearn some practical interview techniques and be prepared to respond to common problems. For example, why would we choose our company, which aspect of our company is known, which aspect is most attractive to you, if we accept you, what are your relevant career planning and other issues. Different positions will have different emphasis requirements, and different companies will have different styles. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, some emphasize executive power, and also emphasize teamwork or professional sense. Although each person’s style has been basically stereotyped, it is appropriate to do targeted performance during the interview.  5.      SalaryFinally, you should not raise the salary first. Many companies require candidates to indicate the salary of their current position and the expected salary of the application position in the job search letter. When interviewing, don’t open your mouth first, don’t easily tell your salary requirements. Because you expose your card to the boss too early before you figure out the other side’s bottom, then you lose, not to mention the salary problem can usually be further negotiated. More interviews, more hit the wall, summarize the reasons for failure, nothing to networking, there will always be a company will want you.