Living in Austin where year round temperatures are high, your A/C unit plays an important part in the comfort of your home. With so much invested in your air conditioning system, it makes sense to do everything in your power to extend its life. In addition to regular professional HVAC Austin maintenance, there’s a lot you can do to ensure you get the most efficient use out of your air conditioning system.

  1. Free the Condenser of Dirt and Debris

Since it’s sitting outdoors all year round, your air conditioning condenser needs some attention. Whenever you’re outside doing your regular yard work, take a look around the condenser. If you see any accumulation of dirt or debris on top of the condenser, just clear it away. Also be sure to look underneath the condenser. This is where leaves, mulch and other yard debris can get blown by the wind. If you keep these areas free, you can help ensure that there is good air flow around the condenser, which will ultimately help you’re A/C system last longer.

  1. Get Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC Austin professionals offer regular maintenance programs in the Austin Metro and San Antonio areas. Take advantage of these routine maintenance programs, They are a valuable service that enables the HVAC technician to perform preventative maintenance, as well as to proactively take care of anything that might go wrong in the near future. This program is a great way to keep repair costs down, as well as to ensure that you’re A/C unit is functioning according to your expectations as a homeowner.

  1. Replace Filter Monthly

Your home’s A/C unit has a filter that you can access from inside the house. If you’re unsure where it’s located, just ask your HVAC Austin technician the next time they are working on your air conditioning unit. The filter will have a specific size written on the outside frame. You can buy a replacement filter at some grocery stores and any hardware store. Just be sure to replace it with the same size. When you install it, pay attention to the arrows on the filter frame, which tell you which direction to insert the filter. The A/C filter keeps dirt and debris from getting into inside your A/C system. It also helps to keep microscopic airborne particles from circulating throughout your home through. Regular filter replacement will extend the life of your air conditioning system as well as keep your family’s inside air cleaner.

These are three easy ways to get the most efficient life out of your air conditioning system. Remember, you have a lot invested in your A/C system. It makes good sense to keep it running as smoothly as possible!