Having your team wearing sharp-looking uniform work shirts serves a number of important business purposes from elevating the employee experience and customer experience, to optimizing branding and even promoting workplace hygiene. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when evaluating options for uniform work shirts for your employees.

  1. Comfort Impacts Employees’ Job Satisfaction.

Wearing professional-looking attire and being identifiable as a part of an efficient, well-performing team enhances employees’ happiness with their jobs. Because your employees wear their work uniforms throughout the day, every day, prioritize comfort.

Think about the kinds of daily tasks your staff members do at work. If they interact with your clients in customer service roles, select a more fitted shirt construction made from a softer fabric. If your employees work hard outdoors, consider shirts made of a lighter, more breathable fabric, perhaps one that also wicks moisture away.

  1. Work Shirts that Fit Well Enhance Your Brand’s Image.

Projecting a professional team image with sharp uniform work shirts is an essential branding tool for business owners. And, it’s a less expensive alternative to full uniforms for businesses that do not really need or do not prefer to have complete uniformity across the service team.

No one enjoys wearing a poorly fitting uniform. A shirt that fits well naturally increases the employee’s sense of confidence in his/her appearance, and the sharp, professional appearance along with the elevated self-confidence creates a better professional image for your business. Consider ordering shirts cut specifically for the male and female physiques, in order to project a sharper brand image.

  1. Choose Uniforms that are Durable.

Select uniform work shirts that are designed to last through constant wear and laundering. Also, make sure that the fabrics and shirt construction quality is suitable for the work tasks that your employees do. Keep in mind that the type of fabric you choose will be a significant determinate in the life of your company’s uniforms.

  1. Select an Attractive, Up-to-Date Uniform Shirt Style.

Choose a modern clothing style that reflects the forward-thinking mode of your industry. Uniform trends, as with most types of clothing, are continuously evolving, so keeping up to date with uniform styles reflects your company as one that is receptive to changing times. Apply your company’s updated logo and colors, for cohesiveness across all of your branding channels.

Prudential Overall Supply

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